Vegan Blueberry Pancakes & Sausage Patties

Okay, so blueberries are not in season here right now, but our awesome friend Raina (Eat the Counter Culture) brokered some beautiful organic blueberries from a local farmer last summer and we froze a bunch of them. Yay for summer goodness in November!

This week Mr. O decided to make breakfast for dinner, an all-time favourite around here. He made vegan protein blueberry pancakes using Gratify‘s recipe (find the recipe on their facebook page or order their free digital cookbook here) and some vegan ‘breakfast sausage’ patties. Yum! Mom taught him how to flip the pancakes, and he did everything else himself.

We get most of our pantry staples from Hungry Frog Organics, a local family-owned business. We like supporting local businesses, and buying in bulk means we produce a lot less packaging for recycle and landfill. Mr. O used salt, oats, lentils, flour and baking powder from HFO for this meal.

Scroll down to see the process 🙂

vegan blueberry pancakes
Vegan protein blueberry pancakes and sausage patties made by Mr. O
using the food processor
First Mr. O mixed all the sausage ingredients in the food processor. They came together very quickly and easily.
making vegan sausage patties
The sausage dough was pretty sticky, so he used two spoons to put the patties on the baking sheet. Mom helped by putting them in and out of the hot oven.
frying vegan sausage patties
Frying the sausage patties after baking is an optional step that Mr. O tried in a cast iron skillet. He decided that it’s an unnecessary step and will skip it next time.
ingredients for pancakes
It’s important to collect together all your ingredients before cooking or baking. Measuring accurately can be very important too.

measuring oil

adding blueberries
You can always add blueberries right in the batter, but Mr. O likes spooning them on top of the pancakes as they’re cooking. They’re juicy because we froze them and then thawed them.
blueberry pancakes cooking
It’s important to know the right time to flip a pancake so you don’t make a mess of them. Mr. O learned to look for slightly dried edges and popping bubbles as signs that the pancake is ready to flip. This one is not quite ready yet. The second side doesn’t take as long to cook, so pay attention!
maple syrup time
Finally, maple syrup time! Always use real maple syrup, or other real local fruit syrups. No fake stuff here!
The pancakes and sausage patties were delicious!

Did you try this recipe? Tag your photos on instagram with #kidscookforclimatechange or post to our facebook group, Veggies Save the World!. Mr. O loves to see and share your kitchen creations!!

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