Beet Pesto Linguini

Pink pasta?! What’s not to love?

beet pesto pasta

Not everyone loves beets, but we do! Local beets are plentiful this time of year, and this  Vegan Beet Pesto Pasta recipe is a great way to introduce beets to a reluctant diner. The results are delicious and beautiful! We invited Nanny over for dinner to share our Beet Pesto Pasta, since we know she loves beets too.

The recipe calls for cooked and chopped beets. If you’ve never cooked them this might be intimidating, but it’s truly easy. Roasting beets really brings out their sweetness, so is perfect for kids and first-time beet eaters. Mr. O and Dad used this method for roasting them and it was super easy. You just need to plan ahead to give them time to cool down. We had to stick them in the freezer for a few minutes before peeling because we’re impatient…

chopping beets
After the beets were roasted, cooled and peeled, Mr. O chopped them up and put them in the food processor with all of the other ingredients. We doubled the garlic in the recipe because in our house there is never too much garlic! We buy most of ours from Riverside Garlic, a local family farm. He buzzed everything up into a pesto-like texture and added it to cooked linguini noodles (just follow the package directions to cook your pasta). That’s it! Seriously!

Chopping beets can be messy, but the pink stain washes off with warm water and soap.

Mr. O was skeptical of the red wine vinegar in the pesto, but it really was good. Next time we’re going to try replacing it with lemon juice. We always have organic lemon juice on hand and think the flavour will be perfect paired with the rest of the ingredients.

garlic bread
Dad made garlic bread, because what’s a pasta dinner without garlic bread? He didn’t use a recipe – it’s just minced garlic mixed with olive oil and/or butter, slathered on bread, then toasted in the oven. Heavenly!
beet pesto linguini and garlic bread
Delicious! We think we’ll try adding some cheese on top next time. If you eat dairy, you could try goat cheese or feta. If you don’t eat dairy, this is a great recipe for vegan tofu feta.
beet pesto pasta with basil
We added torn basil leaves from our kitchen window garden. Yum! And you can’t get much more local than the kitchen window sill.
eating dinner
Everyone enjoyed the beet pesto pasta with garlic bread for dinner.
blueberry tarts
Dad also made dessert – blueberry tarts with some of the local blueberries from Eat the Counter Culture we froze last summer. They were so good!

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